Austin by Night

Austin by Night is a serial crime series that takes place in Austin, Texas. You can catch up by reading the chapters in order here —> Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12.

Logan Webb:

Logan is a young, wealthy bachelor that has recently gotten wind of the fact that his family’s wealth and connections had far less to do with his parent’s successful law firm than he’d originally thought. Thanks to the FBI, he’s learned that he is instead the sole heir to a fledgling crime family and their corresponding syndicates operating within the city of Austin and his mother and father are at the top of the pyramid. Having a talent for sleuthing and social engineering he has become a reluctant mole for the FBI in exchange for total immunity. However, his past and present hustles aren’t nearly as clean as the FBI thinks, either. Like father like son. You can find Logan’s stories here:

[Layer 1] [Layer 5] [Layer 9] [Layer 10]

Cassandra [redacted]:

Cassandra is an assassin. Or an entrepreneur, and freelance consultant if you look at her Linkedin profile. She has traveled all over the world doing the dirty work of any company, country, or individual can’t do as long as they can afford her killer pay rates. Austin is her latest hub of continued employment. However, there is something more sick about her than just her contract killing career and it’s starting to finally take its toll. You can find her stories here:

[Layer 2] [Layer 4] [Layer 7] [Layer 12]

Arturo “Art” Vesper:

Arty doesn’t like being called a hacker, but that’s basically what he does for a living. If you can call it a living since he still lives with his mom. He’s been able to operate within the shadows of Austin’s digital underworld thus far, but his new boss has been putting him in deeper and deeper shit lately. This latest con job has Art scared that he might get killed this time. He didn’t realize how deep he had gotten himself into this dark net business, but now that he’s seen someone get murdered, he’s looking to find a way out. You can find his stories here:

[Layer 3] [Layer 6] [Layer 8] [Layer 11]