Gina The Succubus [Excerpt]

Gina never thought she’d be a selling perfume to humans, but here she was. A succubus whose pheromones tempted men and women alike was now selling toned down (and in most cases inferior), chemical amalgamations of products she could emit just by sweating.

That didn’t mean that the job was bad, far from it. But the wings, horns, and yes, pheromones had to be tucked away and hidden when she put on her blouse and Armani suit everyday for work. She wasn’t suppose to be on Earth right now, and any supernatural would have loved to have her deported.

However, the risk was worth it. Gina was no longer slaving away on a grave farm in Hell, but she was getting paid a commission at the cosmetics section of the local Amazon Outlet Mall just outside of Austin. And business was fucking amazing.

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