Novel Progress [Update]


So I’m a little over half way through the second draft of Spymancer (formerly, Magus Noir Overdrive). The reason I haven’t really gotten over the 45,000 word mark is because I’ve made the decision to scrap the latter 40,000 words and just do a complete re-write of the final half. There’s a chance maybe 5-10k can be salvaged towards the end of the book, but that might be easier said than done at this point.

I also did set a May 1st deadline to complete the second draft, but that might need to change. I don’t know how close I’ll be by the end of April, but it might not be done by then.

So…here’s what I’m going to do: Whether this book gets completely edited or not, I’m going to post the first few pages of the first chapter here on Nocturnal Muse Sessions. I’ve been posting about this book of mine in plenty of updates and have only one measly excerpt to show for it. I owe it to you, reader, to show some kind of progress. Secondly, if I’m not able to make it by May 1st, I’m going to announce a new deadline (and hopefully one not 3-6 months later). Thirdly, this website has sort of become a ghost town in terms of content and I plan on announcing when I’ll be posting regular content again.

Obviously, I’ve been devoting a lot of time on this novel of mine, but I know it’s going to be worth it! Thank you for your patience and I’ll have another, more exciting announcement tomorrow, so watch this space!


Philip N.R Hauser

3 thoughts on “Novel Progress [Update]

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