[Flash Fiction] You Carry the Potential to Become a Reptilian.


Sydney was excited. For the first time in her life she was going to be in a position that would actually bring change and provide her with real influence for her and her species. She was walking with a colleague down a long corridor to complete her final step in turning her dream a reality. The last hurdle left was her current human form. Today would be the final step to solving that problem.

“Are you prepared to go through with this?” asked her supervisor, it was maybe the third or fifth time he had asked her this question.

“Yes!” Sydney repeated once more to her supervisor, “yes, Xil’tarion! I want this. You know I’ve been working my whole life towards becoming someone such as yourself.”

Xil’tarion looked down at himself, looking almost embarrassed. His white jumpsuit hid most of his green skin and scaly body. His lizard head was the most distracting feature about him. His large yellow eyes and snake-like complexion was also — by far — his most distinguished feature according to Sydney.

“Not many humans would be willing to go through with the procedure,” said Xil’tarion, “some on the council still think you’d be far more useful to influence world events as a human.”

“But your species has the final say when it comes to human elections and where the world economy is going,” argued Sydney, “if I want to have more of a say in our affairs I have to be willing to undergo reptilian conversion.”

The two of them stopped at the door to the operating room. Xil’tarion placed his green, scaly hand on her should and looked at her. He looked as if he was about to cry.

“I always respected and loved you as a human, Sydney,” he told her, “You work maintaining reptilian dominance in the EU has been invaluable for us.”

He hesitated for a moment before continuing:

“If you do this, you’ll have to wear fake human skin just as we do,” he warned her, “you’ll no longer be of your own kind, but you’ll still be deciding their fate, just like other reptilians like myself.”

Sydney delicately grabbed Xil’tarion’s cold hand and placed it on her cheek.

“Xil’tarion, I gave up a lot to become a shadow broker for the world’s most powerful,” said Sydney, “at this point, giving up my own humanity is a no brainer.”

Xil’tarion nodded, he could see her point. He slowly let her go as Sydney drifted towards the doorway to the operating room. Xil’tarion watched her as she approached the door, it’s entrance sliding open and beckoning her inside.

“Good luck!” he called out to her, “I’ll see you on the other side.”

“You too!” she called back.

Sydney went through the door and Xil’tarion watched. Another convert had been added to the ranks.

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